What are the Blues?

The blues is a mixing of African and European standard music defined by its melancholy (or blue) notes that share suffering and depression. Songs are normally structured in three-line verses, with the 3rd line summing up, or rephrasing, the sentiment shared in the first 2. Beginning in the 19th century, blues music established throughout the southern USA from slave work songs and also field hollers. Later on, southern prisoners behind bars and also on chain gangs added songs of murder, death row, as well as their treatment at the hands of the wardens. In 1839 one of the earliest recognized references to slave music that would evolve right into the blues was documented on a Georgia rice plantation by an English tourist.

Early Performers

Georgia has actually created an abundant blues heritage that showcases a variety of performance designs, from such preferred recording artists as Ray Charles from Albany, Robert Cray of Columbus, and Little Richard from Macon to a lot more obscure players like Blind Simmwatermark_Bluesie Dooley from Hartwell as well as Dolphus “Gus” Gibson from Ft Valley.

Little is found out about the earliest types of the music, yet Gertrude “Ma” Rainey, a native of Columbus, asserts to have actually sung blues in front of live vaudeville audiences at the age of sixteen (around 1900), which could make her the first professional female blues entertainer. Before moving to Chicago, Rainey executed at the 81 Theater in Atlanta, where she influenced the teenager Bessie Smith. Atlanta’s Decatur Street, in the early years of the century,  had a flourishing songs scene populated by barrelhouse blues pianists such as Thomas Andrew “Georgia Tom” Dorsey from Vacation home Rica, Willie Lee “Piano Red” Perryman from Hampton, as well as Big Maceo Merriweather from Atlanta. (The term barrelhouse was utilized to describe a loud percussive kind of blues piano suitable for noisy bars or taverns.).